When we established SupHERBals, our intention was to create a sacred CBD oil that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. From working with our high-quality Oregon hemp, we knew we wanted people to have an experience that embodied the spirit of the plant as well. The result is a blessed, vibrationally attuned, reiki infused product that is always crafted with love and compassion. CBD has been used since ancient times—aiding with healing and restoring homeostasis throughout the body. We are honored to share the comfort and benefits of this sacred oil with you all.


Don’t Just Live Life… Live Life SupHERBally!

– Greg Prasker and Lee & Lana Regenbogen


SupHERBals’ Sacred CBD oil is farmed and harvested in Oregon with authentic, healing intentions. Our farmers hold years of experience in growing medicinal plants, and are honored to help create Hemp-based medicine for those who need it. Our process begins with the traditional preparation of the land, soil, and irrigation. Often times, our farmer offers sage to the land in order to raise the energy levels of the process. After the land is ready, the Hemp seeds are germinated in a greenhouse, under controlled conditions, until they can be planted. The germinated seeds are usually planted in early June and start to flower in the middle of July. Generally, the flowers are ready to harvest in 8-12 weeks. Then, our farmer harvests the plants by hand to prepare them for extraction.

To begin our extraction process, the Hemp material is ground up and put through powerful vessels that contain 99% food grade chilled Ethanol wash. Afterward, the material goes through a series of controlled environments to completely evaporate the Ethanol, leaving only the resin to begin creating Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). Our farmer and extractor work together to implement customized methods, nurturing a superior tasting oil that doesn’t exclude important terpenes and flavonoids. SupHERBals is in the business of integrity and altruism. We work hard to craft the most premium and effective medicine possible, so that earthlings around the world can experience a SupHERB reality.

About Our Founders

Greg Prasker


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Lee & Lana Regenbogen


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